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Teaching you to teach your dog

Passionate. Patient. Persistent. Pet-lover. These are just a few of the characteristics that describe us. We know each animal is different and we’ll work with you to give them the specific guidance they need. Whether you’re thinking about getting an animal, have a new pet, or already have a pup of your own, we are here to help.

Please contact us to schedule your free consultation. We'd love to speak with you and get to know your pup. Our goal is to pair you with the best training methods possible and set you and your pup up for success. Below you can see a little bit more about the services we offer.

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Please Schedule your free consultation to start your journey with Blue Collar Dog Training.

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Let's determine what's right for you and your pup!

Our free consultation offers you a chance to meet the trainer and discuss what your training goals are. It will help us help you better by evaluating your needs and determining which training option is best to set you and your pup up for success!


Teaching you to teach your dog.

Want to train your pup yourself but unsure of the next step? This is the perfect option for you! Guided training focuses on your individual needs and allows you to take the reins while training your pup. Whether you are just getting started or already have some skills nailed down, we are here to help you over the hurdles and through the rough patches of training your pup.

Offered in 1-hour sessions at $55 or 30-minute sessions at $30.

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Learn core skills ranging from sit to polite leash walking.

It's never too late to start learning! Our goal while training basic obedience is to build and maintain a lasting bond between you and your pup while teaching basic skills that make everyday life with your pup easier. During these lessons, we will work on skills like sit, stay, down, recall, loose leash walking, and much more. Our training is always tailored to you and your pet, from the skills we learn to the pace we learn them at.

While we recommend in-person lessons when starting out, lessons can also be conducted online. We offer both 1-hour sessions at $75 and 30-minute sessions at $40. Virtual guided training sessions can also be added in to help you through any struggles on your journey.


Need help with a specific physical or behavioral issue?

If your pup needs help with a specific physical or behavioral issue, you've come to the right place. During behavioral training, often referred to as behavioral modification training, we focus on a particular problem such as separation anxiety, excessive barking, or counter surfing. We will help you determine the right positive training method and help you create an atmosphere that sets you and your pup up for success.

We highly recommend in-person training when dealing with specific behavioral issues. 1-hour sessions are $85 an hour. 30-minute sessions are $45 and can be offered after an initial consultation and a 1-hour session.



Looking to bring a new pet into the family? Need advice on breed, age, or size?

Adopting a new pet is a big commitment! We will meet with you and discuss your family's dynamics to make recommendations on size, temperament, age, and breed. We can help you sort through potential pets and help prepare you to welcome your new furry friend home!

1-hour sessions are $50. A 3-hour package can also be purchased. 

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Accommodating Your Lifestyle

Looking for an experienced pet sitter? Look no further, have an experienced pet sitter and trainer come to you! Please click below to fill out our pet sitting inquiry form and we will contact you soon!

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