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Recommended Equipment and Gear

Updated: May 23, 2022

We get questions all the time about our recommended leashes, collars, and training equipment. Below we listed all our favorite products and their features! We carry many of these products with us, if your training with us and want to try one of these out please let us know!


Teaching our dogs to walk on a loose leash can be a challenge. We believe the martingale collars are the best tool to help us. Max and Neo's Martingale collar is our go to. Available in two styles, nylon with stainless steel chain and full nylon. While we prefer the steel chain for durability both are great realiable options. These collars feature a locking buckle to prevent accidental unclipping. They are designed to tighten with pressure but unlike a choke chain collar they can only tighten to a point. These collars are designed for walking only! Due to their tendency to hang loosely, when properly fitted, they can easily catch on things around the house. Make sure to remove your dogs martingale after walks.

While the Martingale is intended for walking on, we love BioThane collars for daily wear. We like to refer to this as our "ID collar". Having a collar to wear 24/7 with identification on it can be a life saver and you'll see why this is our top pick. BioThane is a coated webbing material that is durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. In case you were wondering waterproof also means stink proof! Normal nylon collars tend to soak up a lot of moisture, dirt, and grime, overtime they can start to smell pretty bad. If you've ever had issues with stinky collars or collars causing irritation we highly recommend trying out a BioThane collar. If you're interested in supporting a small business we love products from Rubysaurus Creations on Etsy! They have lots of color and hardware options, as well as customizable options!



Our top pick for your traditional nylon leash. The Max and Neo line provides so many options you're bound to find the leash that's right for you. These leashes feature a reflective stitching on both sides to increase visibility, neoprene padded handle for extra comfort, and high quality metal clip and d-ring. Made of high quality nylon webbing these leashes are durable enough for even the strongest dogs yet still comfortable for the handler. Also available in many colors, we always love when our leash can match pups collar!

Leash options and Product Links:

Ever have to walk your pup in the rain? Left with a soggy stinky leash after? No thank you! Much like BioThane collars we love how durable, waterproof, and easy to clean BioThane leashes are. We don't have to worry about mud dirt or anything else our dogs drag these leashes through, a quick wipe and their good as new. Made of a coated webbing material these leashes are soft to the touch, flexible, yet stink proof. If you're interested in supporting a small business we love products from Rubysaurus Creations on Etsy.

Made with the same features as the other BioThane products mentioned, a long line is a long tether to your dog. Perfect for training distance stays and recall the long line still provides you with the comfort that your dog can't run off. While normal leashes tend to drag a little, a long line spend a lot of time on the ground. That's why we prefer a biothane leash for this job. Who knows what the leash may be dragged through, hose it off outside of toss it in the sink to clean it off! If you're interested in supporting a small business we love products from Rubysaurus Creations on Etsy, their leashes have length options from 2 - 20 feet.

A traffic leash is a training tool designed to help keep your medium/large dog close to you. Useful in crowded situations, busy streets, with reactive or overly friendly dog, and for training. We love to visit dog parks however, you never know who you might encounter. This is when we use traffic leashes the most. You have an easy handle to grab if you need control over your pup however, they don't get tangled up like they would draging a 6 foot leash. They are also very useful when training a close heel. Our top picks are Max and Neo's padded nylon traffic leash(left) and Rubysaurus Creations BioThane Traffic Leash(right).


Treat Dispensers and Holders

Our favorite walking tool, the Kibble Bubble is an easy efficient way to keep training treats with you! Clip onto your leash and fill with tasty treats, you'll never forget them on your walk again! Made with food grade silicone these are long lasting and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. They have a thin opening along one side that prevent treats from falling out, with a little squeeze you be able to easily pour a few treats into your hand. Available in three shapes and 4 fun colors, you'll find the perfect Bubble for your style. We love tools that make our lives easier and these definitely check that box!

Product Links: Kibble Bubble

Another great option to easily cary your treats! This Silicone treat pouch makes it easy to cary your treats with you. Clip it onto your belt or pocket, with a magnetic closure your treats are easily accessible. While the kibble bubble will hold around a 1/4 cup of treats this holder will carry over a cup, ideal for longer training sessions! Dishwasher safe and a large opening allows for easy cleaning of this pouch. Available in so many colors and with one or two pack options. This treat pouch is a great addition to your training tool bag.

Product Links: Silicone Dog Treat Pouch


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