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K-9 Enrichment

Updated: May 23, 2022

Below we've listed all our favorite enrichment products. Enrichment activities can provide a fun positive outlet for our pups natural behaviors. While not all enrichment is food related, we are focusing on our favorite products and therefore primarily food related enrichment. We hope to help you find the best possible products to help keep your pup happy and healthy!


Available in two sizes the snoop is perfect for everyone! Blue Collar's professional product tester Georgia, a six year old malinois mix, loves to roll this toy around the kitchen. Great for fast eaters who need a little help slowing down or as a way to keep your pup occupied and burn some energy. An easy way to mix it up at meal time, the snoop is very easy to fill and clean. While this toy is not designed for chewing it has held up to moderate chewing from our pups. However, it is always safer to put this toy up when unsupervised. For an added challenge add an Orbee-Tuff Nook or mix in some larger treats!

Product Links: Snoop, Lil Snoop, Nook

A classic enrichment toy with options for dogs of all sizes and ages! Choose from size X-Small to XX-Large and durability levels for puppies, normal chewers, super chewers, and seniors. Check out our post on enrichment toy fillers to get some ideas and options to mix it up! It's Dishwasher safe making it easy to clean. For an added challenge freeze your Kong for a few hours before giving it to your dog, great for cooling down on a hot day!

Very similar to the Kong, comes in a two pack making it easy to meal prep for your pup! We love to fill these early in the week and keep them in the freezer for fast and easy enrichment time! Available in medium: holds 1/4 cup, large: holds 3/8 cup, X-large: holds 1 cup. We love the thick walls that make this product very durable and it's Top rack dishwasher safe for easy clean up.

Product Links: Chew King

A great positive outlet for pups who love to give kisses! While there are a lot of brands available our favorite by far is the LickiMat brand! There are so many textures, two sizes and two durability options available! We prefer to use a small rubber spatula to smooth on Peanut butter, yogurt, or wet food. Take a look at our enrichment toy fillers post for more options! Freezer, dishwasher, and microwave safe this product is so versatile. We always prepare a few mats during our puppy meal prep and store them in the freezer until ready to use. Make sure you supervise your dog with this toy, while it is a super fun activity it is meant for licking not chewing!

Pictured; Left: LickiMat Slomo, Middle: LickiMat Classic, Right: LickiMat Tuff

Product Links: Classic, Slomo, Tuff

The west paw toppl is one of our favorite toys! This toy is durable and dishwasher safe but our favorite part is how much food it holds. It has two fun ways to use it, fill it up with your dogs favorite snacks or connect a small and large toppl for a fun treat dispenser! This toy is also great for pups who get frustrated easily. With a large opening at the top that makes it not only the easiest toy to fill it also allows for instant gratification and encourages pup to keep working at it!

Product Links: Large Toppl, Small Toppl

Another great West Paw product, the tux is a fun toy that keeps it simple. We love how durable West Paw products are and you don't always have to fill them up with food. They are great for playing fetch, chewing, and they float in water so pack them for your lake trip! The tux has a nice sized opening in the bottom perfect for wet food or some peanut butter. Similar to the toppl this toy comes in a small and large size. Easy to fill and dishwasher safe the tux is a great addition to your enrichment collection!

Product Links: Large Tux, Small Tux

The easiest was to change up meal time. We love all the options Outward hound offers there is truly something for every pup! The fun feeder slows down fast eaters which helps aid proper digestion and gives are pups something to think about. Available in Small, Medium, Large, and as a bowl insert for pups who need metal bowls. Check the measurements in the product listing to help pick the right size for your dog. Lots of fun colors and patterns we like having 2-3 bowls to switch out and keep our pup guessing! These bowls are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and have a non-slip base. If you have food you need to mix we recommend preparing it in a separate bowl then adding it to the fun feeder. This is a super affordable and easy way to change up your pups routine, we highly recommend trying one out!


Starmark Sprocket and Bento Ball

Kong Wobbler and Starmark Bob-a-lot

Smelly UFO treat dispenser

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